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Signs of Stroke

Signs of Stroke

  • The signs of stroke come on suddenly
  • There might be one or more signs

    The signs include:
    • Numbness, weakness or paralysis down one side of the body
    • Drooping mouth or eyelid
    • Floppy arm or leg
    • Slurred speech
    • Problems getting words out
    • Not understanding what people are saying
    • Blurred vision or loss of sight
    • Confusion
    • Very bad headache


Use “FAST”

A simple test to see if there is a stroke or TIA

Check with the FaceArm – Speech – Test

F -   weakness in the face. Can you smile? Is the mouth or eye

A-  arm weakness. Can you move both arms?
- speech problems. Can you speak clearly and understand what
     people are saying?

T - test these signs

If you have any of these signs

  • Call the ambulance
  • Go to hospital as quickly as possible

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